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Unorthodox travels are great fun. You are into it as well? Get inspired!


Me – a long story short.

Hi there! Me, that's a physicist and computer scientist who works in strategy consulting. Right now I'm a Project Manager at the consulting firm Roland Berger.

Besides traveling, I am fascinated by a lot of things, including climbing, hiking, tech, handicraft and of course spending quality time with my family and friends.

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donaufahrt (2016)

2500 kilometers. 4 guys. 1 boat.

From Regensburg to the Black Sea. 4 weeks, that is the duration of our adventure on our self-made boat on the Danube. Our travel blog shows the preparations we undertook and served as a logbook during our travel. What could possibly go wrong?


hannibal express (2017)

800 kilometers. 6 guys. 1 bike. No gears.

After not drowning the previous year, we are up for an even more illusory project. This time crossing the Alps. Our vehicle: a 6-person tandem surrey bike, the modern equivalent to an elephant as Hannibal brought it over the Alps once.


yes we caravan (2018)

2 guys. 1 caravan. No car. Direction: East.

After the adventures in 2016 in 2017, what could two (mentally totally healthy) guys do next? The list of ideas is long, ranging from walking the Amazon river in a Zorb ball to driving along the the Chinese wall in a baby stroller. It finally boils down to a caravan. But with a car, that would be way to easy.